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Ankle Replacement Testimonial

At 82 years old, Larry received cutting-edge surgery to address the ankle arthritis that had bothered him for years.

As people get older, a condition known as osteoarthritis can cause pain and swelling in the joints, making it difficult to move freely. For Larry, accepting the situation was not an option. Ten years ago, he confidently underwent a double knee replacement. And in October 2020, he trusted the team at Evanston Regional Hospital to repair arthritis-related damage in his ankle.

“It had gotten to the point where I could not walk across the yard without having to sit down, and I could not get up the steps to my deck,” Larry says. “I had talked with another doctor previously about ankle fusion surgery, but Dr. Brady at Evanston Regional Hospital told me I had a different option — ankle replacement surgery. After Dr. Brady talked with me about ankle replacement and showed me a model, I decided to try it.”

Advanced Care Close to Home

Chad D. Brady, DPM, FACFAS, board-certified Podiatrist at Evanston Regional Hospital, has performed hundreds of ankle replacements for individuals like Larry who experience debilitating ankle arthritis. Ankle replacement surgery uniquely reduces pain from arthritis while retaining motion in the ankle, allowing patients to walk normally again. After carefully examining and measuring Larry’s ankle using a CT scan, Dr. Brady had a custom ankle joint prosthetic built, and then he performed Larry’s ankle replacement in October 2020.

“Dr. Brady and his team did a marvelous job,” Larry says. “My ankle feels like a normal ankle again, and I can do all of the activities I want to do. I am grateful that we have everything we need here at Evanston Regional Hospital.”

Don’t let joint pain limit your enjoyment of life. Visit or call 307-789-9355 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brady.

Dr. Brady is a member of the medical staff at Evanston Regional Hospital.

Patient results may vary. Consult your doctor about the benefits and risks of any surgical procedure or treatment.

Ankle Replacement

Ankle Replacement

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Total Ankle Replacement

Total Ankle Replacement

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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

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