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Total Ankle Replacement

We’ve simplified the journey to maximize your confidence.

Considering total ankle replacement surgery? We know it may seem overwhelming and difficult to find a provider with the proven experience. That’s why, at Evanston Regional Hospital, we’ve designed our program to put you at ease.

In just three steps, we’ll outline every phase of care, from pre-op questions through your hospital stay and recovery—as you start to feel and move like you again.

Step 1


When it comes to a total ankle replacement, the more informed you are, the better your experience. Before the surgery, you will meet with Dr. Brady to discuss the surgery and recovery. Bring a friend or family member who will be supporting you during recovery to your appointment. Learn all about your procedure, hospital stay and postoperative care; plan for a smooth transition home; and ask any and all questions to feel confident and prepared. Dr. Brady will also order a CAT scan of your ankle. This image will then be used to manufacture a mold of your ankle using a 3D printer. This mold will give your ankle implant a custom fit.

Step 2


On the big day, registration and OR staff will welcome you to Evanston Regional Hospital. You’ll notice the personalized care that a smaller hospital provides. You won’t get lost in the crowd (or a maze of hallways). Dr. Brady will make sure you’re comfortable, and review what to expect before, during and immediately after your procedure. Dr. Brady has performed over 200 total ankle replacements.

Step 3


Finally, you’ll spend time recovering in your private, patient room, which offers a personalized, home-away-from-home experience. Everyone from our nurses to dietary staff to housekeepers take the time to make sure you have what you need. In terms of recovery, everyone’s a little different, but for 2 to 4 weeks you’ll have to stay off your foot. After that you’ll wear a medical boot. Usually around 2 months post-surgery, you’ll be in a normal shoe. Each step of the way, we’ll focus on achieving goals, helping build your confidence and getting back to the life you love.

Patient results may vary. Consult your physician about the benefits and risks of any surgical procedure or treatment.

Ankle Replacement

Ankle Replacement

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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

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