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TeleStroke Services

Time is Precious when a Stroke Strikes

Evanston Regional Hospital is an affiliate of the University of Utah Health, which gives patients access to TeleStroke care. The ER physician and nurses work together as a team with the neurologists and experts at the University of Utah to develop a treatment plan.

The Telestroke Program overcomes geographic and transportation barriers that allows immediate access to stroke experts through real-time videoconferencing and teleradiology.

The delivery of critical nutrients and oxygen to your brain is interrupted during a stroke. As a result, the tissue begins to die, and irreversible damage can happen quickly. Having a stroke is scary enough without worrying about a delay in care while driving to Utah.

The sooner, you receive a clot-busting medication called tPA, the better, as it works to restore the flow of blood to the brain, preserving the maximum amount of tissue, increasing the chances of survival and lowering the likelihood of disability.

In Q1 2020, Evanston Regional Hospital was named a “Door-to-Needle” Champion by the University of Utah Health for our fast diagnosis and delivery of tPA.

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