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Rehabilitation Services to Help You Get Back to What You Love

Evanston Regional Hospital’s rehabilitation services are designed to help patients through the process of recovering from injury or illness. The goal is to help people regain their independence and improve their lives.

Learn more about the team ready to care for you in an emergency

The ER team and first responders in Uinta County are a small tight knit community of passionate, hardworking health workers. The friendliness and camaraderie of the staff allows for the delivery of high quality and personal health care to patients. Evanston Regional Hospital is equipped with a team to manage your emergency.


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Test your asthma I.Q.

For more than 25 million people in America, breathing easy is hard work. Asthma causes inflammation in the airways, especially after breathing in something that irritates them. False – We know that genetic, environmental, and occupational factors have all been linked

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How Overworking Hurts Your Heart

Consistently logging long hours at work can leave you stressed and fatigued, but there’s a potential consequence that may not be readily apparent — a higher risk of heart-related complications. Your heart is no stranger to hard work — if you live 70 years, it may beat more than 2.5 billion times,...

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